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It's not Bodies, I'm just getting that out there straight away, and it was never going to be. It's been 15 years since Bodies was released on Sinner and Drowning Pool have started to grow up, though the title of album number six, Hellelujah, doesn't entirely back that up. Regardless, Hellelujah is album six in total and number two with vocalist four - still with me? Joining original members C.J Pierce, Stevie Benton and Mike Luce is Jasen Moreno for his second outing fronting metal's one hit wonder equivalent of Alien Ant Farm.

As Alien Ant Farm did in 2015 with Always And Forever, Drowning Pool are looking to dispel the myth that they lucked out with a big song in the early noughties and that they actually do have the ability to back it up. Kicking off with Push is a wise move, bringing a vivid combination of clean and screamed vocals, deep explosive bass and tasty riffs that mould together to give a pacey opener that'll have you questioning all your judgemental prejudices against the band that were 'good on that one song'. By The Blood brings back some of the Drowning Pool we all know combined with some Alice In Chains style vocals to bring a track that has the feel of something the American WWE crowd would be all over - the heavier side of Nickelback mixed with Alice In Chains. It's a good if uninspiring opening.

The rest follows a similar suit. There aren't much in the way of highlights and lowlights throughout the album as it all follows a similar style. We Are The Devil has the kind of chorus that could get a crowd singing along, but following that is Snakecharmer - an immediately forgettable track. Goddamn Vultures brings it back on track, though the standard doesn't get a fat lot better over the last five tracks. Another Name feels like an Avenged Sevenfold ballad with a bit less about it and by the end of the second minute it starts to drag.

In truth there isn't much to separate Hellelujah from the masses of standard radio rock that is already out there, aside from the odd scream. One of the positives is the Layne Staley inspired vocals that are evident throughout the record and that combined with some catchy riffs throughout is enough to make this a worthwhile listen.

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