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As a band, there are certain things that may have happened in your career that you’re never going to get away from. For Drowning Pool (and, indeed, many other bands who’ve been in the same situation), it’s the death of their former vocalist, Dave Williams. It’s made them into a band who’ve sprung back into shape after finding themselves compressed under the shock of Williams’ passing. It’s given them Resilience, if you will.

And it’s a testament to the band, that over a decade later, they’re still churning out the same quality metal that they always have done. Okay, so there’s nothing like the 2001 hit Bodies on Resilience. But instead, there are 13 – 15 if you include the bonus tracks – solid, riff-heavy, meaty, metal tunes. Newbie Jason Moreno holds up his end of the vocals just fine – although one thing that becomes immediately evident from his introduction is that Drowning Pool still sound exactly the same. They haven’t been inspired to venture out any further from what they already know, and that’s ultimately the only thing stopping Resilience from making a greater impact.

Opener Anytime Anyplace kicks things off with promise; raging and exploding into a Bullet For My Valentine-esque anthem (in a good way), meanwhile the choruses of One Finger and a Fist and Saturday Night are absolutely huge – almost as huge as Moreno’s awesome mohawk. Lyrically, the album doesn’t make any points of particular noteworthiness, and Skip To The End’s repetitive refrain of “All I want in life is to skip to the end” sounds overwhelmingly bland. In fact, it kind of turns into a metaphor of how you feel about the album. Again; not because Resilience is bad. Just because it’s far too samey to be 13 tracks long.

Either way, if you like Drowning Pool for what they are, then you’ll most certainly enjoy Resilience. If you’re looking for diversity and adventure, then you’re best to avoid it. Drowning Pool certainly aren’t heading back towards the former thrill of their glory days, but you can’t knock ‘em for trying.

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