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Hailing from the shores of Sweden, Eldkraft are set to release their new album Shaman. After securing a record deal with Poison Tongue Records, the band headed into the studios to record a ten track album with fellow countryman, Magnus ‘Devo’ Andersson, sitting in the crow’s nest, overseeing the mixing and mastering.

It’s pretty clear from the album art what sort of music you can expect from this band, which is confirmed in the introduction on the album opener Gammal Krigore. The intro sounds like it’s the soundtrack to a fantasy world where this music is played in a dark, gothic cathedral. Following track, Undrets Tid, is a heavier number that’s driven by J. Sandin’s strong operatic vocal style. Many of the songs on this album remind me of a heavier and symphonic, incarnation of Ghost that take more pride in their heritage through their music, especially on tracks like Moder Liv Till Grav and I Dodens Famn.

The band is open about their influences that derive from ancient, ancestral mythology and Scandinavian musical traditions, which moulds this band’s sound and imagery. Shaman is a solid first outing for the Swedish metallers but the CD lacks any real memorable moments which, unfortunately, will more than likely see it sink into a pond of 6 and 7 out of 10 albums.

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