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Remember the phrase ‘go hard or go home? Well, if it had a place in the dictionary, Fearless Vampire Killers would be its definition. From supporting Black Veil Brides, to throwing us all a curve ball by launching their own social network for fans, its no wonder why this self confessed Death Pop five-piece are on a roll. Their sophomore album Unbreakable Hearts is the band’s latest offering in the mix of a career that’s gone from 0-60 in a mere matter of months.

The journey begins with a shy of a minute teaser, titled ‘Intermission that sounds as if its just stepped out of an episode of American Horror Story. It echoes haunting piano notes that are enough to not necessarily freak the hell out of you, but to intrigue you. What’s come through is a feat of musical engineering that could have only been crafted by Fearless Vampire Killers.

What’s noticeable in an instance is that this is not just an album, but a story. Unbreakable Hearts picks up where first album Militia Of The Lost left off, as the band continue to lead fans through their virtual world of Grandomina; an embodiment of loss, love, recovery and war. ‘Exploding Heart Disorder does this with a mellow grace. The quintet’s ability to intertwine softer and harder vocals together is that of two opposing magnets. Its natural and unable to function without the other.

With the help of producer William Control, a musical match made in heaven is evident through the whopping 17 tracks the band have thrown your way. Whilst some people may be put off by this, sometimes you’ve just got to go for it. Why? Because why on earth not? It paves the way for the album to explore both a new direction, whilst in keeping with their roots. Examples being ‘Brave The Night  and ‘Maeby  that strip back every techno, pop-punk rock gimmick, to carve simplistic beauty, that leaves no trace other than faultless vocality.

Have no fear though, your much-loved crazy style Fearless haven’t gone anywhere yet. From ‘Neon In The Dance Halls to ‘Say What You Want From Me, their catchy and addictive side hasn’t all faded into melancholy darkness. It just makes for a bit of unpredictability from track to track, and we love that. But from riff, to more riffs and then some, their Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance influence is laden throughout, with the band sounding more pop-punk than ever. You’ve only got to look as far as ‘Batten Down The Hatches to see that all over.

Ultimately, what can we say? Unbreakable Hearts takes you on a colossal poignant journey that leaves you having felt every emotion they’ve tried to embed in you. With the help of sublime producing and creating positivity from the band’s past experiences, you’re left with a genius piece of work. Don’t let the 17 tracks put you off, you’ll be missing out in the long run.



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