Flights - History Be Kind

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Flights d├ębut full length album, History Be Kind, is a pleasant listen in some aspects and a frustrating one in others. The album is perfectly enjoyable as background music, but gives the impression that the band are capable of so much more. Several times History Be Kind threatens to properly catch fire to fully grab the listener only for the embers to flicker back down. Empire Gone is a highly enjoyable three and a minute minute slab of post-rock in the vein of Maybeshewill while Yellow Bentines has an almost Sigur Ros like uplifting quality about it. Borrowed Time also provides a stand out moment as it evokes memories of Thrice at their angst-ridden best. 
Whilst the difference in tempo and styles throughout the album is clearly a conscious decision, the album does feel at times as if it's lacking direction and trying to appeal to too many different audiences at once. As a result there is not a strong, coherent musical identity throughout. Flights are a band with obvious potential but at the moment they have some way to go to catch up to some of their musical peers such as Maybeshewill or Oceansize (R.I.P). Hopefully History Be Kind gets them enough of a foothold to build on so they can achieve a sound that is definitively Flights' own in the future. 
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