I Call Fives - Someone That's Not You E.P Byte Size Review

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I Call Fives launch into their Someone That's Not You E.P with a vintage pop punk sound very reminiscent of genre stalwarts New Found Glory, and NFG's influence can clearly be heard on the E.P opening title track (with some added screamo vocals on board as an extra). They do the "regretful" pop punk song type full justice with the memory embedding Backup Plan, and show good versatility with the acoustic Lakeview. The E.P closer How's It Gonna Be would easily fit alongside Sum 41 material from Does This Look Infected or Chuck. They have listened to the genres' best acts but are able to mix it up across the pop punk spectrum and have combined different elements into their sound so that they sound original and not like a copy of some of the other acts mentioned in this review. 

If they produced a full length album I Call Fives could easily be a great soundtrack for a Summer BBQ or an outdoor party, this is light hearted enjoyable music which deserves to be listened to and enjoyed, and the band deserve a chance to show what they can do on a full length release. 

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