Incoming Cerebral Overdrive - Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift

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There are many bands out there that fall into many different genres and sub-genres, but every once in a while a band comes along and completely breaks the rules when it comes to sticking to the boundaries of a genre.

Italian five-piece Incoming Cerebral Overdrive stray into so many territories with their third album ‘Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift’ but the album is still cohesive, although it’s not something you could casually listen to in the background. ‘Le Stelle’ will require some attention to get the most out of it – attention which it fully deserves.

Alessio Corsini’s rumbling bass lines and some cymbal-heavy drumming usher in ‘Sirius’ which features extremely sludgy riffs, Greg Puciato style screams and spacey synths all intelligently arranged. An ambient but haunting passage lulls you into a false sense of security, before ‘Kochab’ comes alive and drops into a synth-laden barrage of complex riffing and bizarre time signatures. Samuele Storai’s unrestrained vocals are a highlight, demonstrating marvellous technique with a multitude of styles. His growly screams, punky shouts and a very abrasive black metal shriek lacerate through the record.

‘Pherkad’ travels through many stages, starting with Filipo Baldi’s lively drumming display which shows off ingenious patterns and a more straight-forward battering assault. Swirling riffs and eerie slower passages build suspense until the Meshuggah style staggered attacks begin, which continually slow into a stomping juggernaut alongside wailing distorted guitars and masses of feedback. Earlier track ‘Sirius’ gets a reprisal in the form of ‘Sirius B’ which continues the space-rock feel and has some great psychedelic riffs from guitarists Maurizio Tuci and Stefano Tocci. Album closer ‘Rigel’ is a near eleven minute space-prog odyssey that journeys through the cosmos of atmospheric, sci-fi horror style keys and apocalyptic Doom Metal heaviness that caps the album off with destructive force.

‘Le Stelle’ manages to straddle the line between complexity and accessibility well, so if you fancy something a little bit different, give Incoming Cerebral Overdrive a listen. There are enough twists and turns throughout to keep you coming back and it’s so densely layered in parts, that you hear something new with every spin. It’s hard to recommend similar artists as it’s quite unique, and may need a few listens to fully appreciate, but with a name like Incoming Cerebral Overdrive you could hardly expect simplistic music.

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