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Even after over 15 years of listening to rock, metal and all it's petty subgenres, it still takes a lot for a female fronted band to appeal to me. No matter how hard they rock, I often find that even the best of front women can feel like pop singers with a band behind them and that’s before you get to Paramore and their abundance of copycats. Luckily, more and more bands are coming out of the woodwork with women that are making a statement that they are a big part of metal and they're hear to stay. Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Becca Macintyre (Marmozets) and Eva Spence (Rolo Tomassi) are good examples of women that are using all of their vocal strength and that is sparking an upturn in the amount of bands with women out front. 

Cue Making Monsters and their new EP Bad Blood. This is the first I'd heard of the Irish quartet and I went in to Bad Blood not even knowing they were fronted by Emma Gallagher. Within the first 30 seconds Emma’s vocals have grabbed me and the funky yet oh so dirty riffs have me hooked. I mentioned the full vocal range being used and that couldn’t be more true here. Harsh screams turn into soft melodies without notice and mixed with the three guys behind her it’s effect is a thing of dirty, funky beauty that I’ve listened to on repeat at least a dozen times already. 

Better is the first single to be released from the EP and it's soaring vocals and melody suit it's purpose. The whole EP highlights that there is so much musical talent that is getting overlooked these days. Musically there is so much going on that I cannot quite grasp how these guys aren't already bigger than they are. Rose is a fantastic example of this. The riffs are strong, but they aren't pushed down your throat, they're subtly laid alongside bass, drums and vocals to create a strong product – though I feel harsh picking out Rose as the example for this, all six tracks fit the description.  

Despite being just the six tracks long it only rack up around 20 minutes of playtime. In that time though, it feels like the heart and soul of every member of Making Monsters has been laid out bare. There aren't any weak tracks, nothing feels like it doesn't belong. If there was ever a time that Making Monsters were going to explode, Bad Blood seems like the right time for this to happen. Get yourself a copy of this EP however you can and get down to a show, these guys deserve all the fans they can garner.  

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