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Its said that putting all of your eggs in one basket can be pretty risky business. When it comes to Mallory Knox, it certainly is. Back almost two years ago, this fresh faced five-piece cropped up from a tiny historical village in Cambridgeshire with arguably one of the finest debuts in recent years. A whole album cycle and record deal later, they're back with their second offering Asymmetry. After packing everything they could into 2013's Signals what more could they possibly do? Creating a sophomore album that's like Signals on steroids, that's what.

The album opens with 'Ghost In The Mirror' in a sprightly fashion, oozing gripping riffs and melodies that will satisfy long-term fans and also hook in the newbies. It sets a high benchmark against the already bigger than biggest benchmark ever set benchmark. Have we said benchmark enough times yet? It filters rapidly into 'Getaway', showcasing with ease one of this band's most prominent features, impeccable vocality. Its the quintet's nod to their softer side, but journey towards a more energetic stance.

As the generous 11-track album progresses, although its evident Mallory Knox have upped the anti in every area of their songwriting, it does become a little bit repetitive. 'Shout At The Moon' all be it an unblemished melodic crescendo of rock delight, it isn't anything we haven't heard before. With a band who can produce outstanding tracks such as 'She Took Him To The Lake'; a heavenly seven minute journey from clean guitar beauty to upbeat melodies, its a wonder as to why they've played it so safe with Asymmetry. Maybe Signals was too hard a feat to live up to.

With this being said though, it can't be denied that this band have an enormity of talent and passion for what they do. If tracks 'Heart & Desire' and 'When We Are Waking Up' don't show that, then we don't know what will. Although Asymmetry screams confidence and profound talent, its still hard to shy away from the notion that Mallory Knox could have gone further. Being in a saturated scene that's bursting with talent, standing out from the crowd isn't an easy task. We know these guys are the ones to do it though. 

All in all, Asymmetry is immaculate, but that's problem. Its risk-adverse and with a bit of risk, something even more out of this world could emerge.

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