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British rock is alive right now. You Me At Six sold out Wembley Arena at the tail-end of last year. Young Guns and We Are The Ocean are gaining significant airplay on daytime radio. Hell – even the likes of Don Broco and Deaf Havana are starting to make their mark on nationwide venues. Which is why it seems like now is the perfect time for another British rock band to sneak out of the woodwork. Enter: Mallory Knox. A further addition to the ever growing list of fantastic home-grown talent.

Sure, their debut album, Signals, is far from perfect. But its potential is palpable. In vocalist Mikey Chapman, Mallory Knox have got one of the most charismatic and likeable singers coating the melodies; his sometimes coarse, sometimes crooning voice soaring above and beyond the music. And then there’s that music, of course. Occasionally a little boring – but more often than not brilliant – it’s proof that Mallory Knox aren’t unequipped in writing a banging chorus or two. Opener Beggars and initial single Lighthouse are the perfect examples of this; rising and falling with ferociously infectious hooks and an outrageously catchy choruses.

And unlike many of their contemporaries, Mallory Knox really flourish with lyrical content. “When you’ve lived a life in a building stood on lies, the truth will tear it down” Chapman warns in the striking Death Rattle. It’s a refreshing change that the quintet don’t just focus on tedious ‘boy meets girl’ stereotypes. Yes, this album is by no means faultless. And perhaps the most exciting thing about this debut album is just that: the fact that it’s a debut album. Either way, it’s the start of an astonishing journey for Mallory Knox. A journey which may, someday, see them headline Wembley Arena, too.

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