Monster Truck - Furiosity

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Hear the term Monster Truck and not a lot of people may realise that Monster Truck are a band, as well as an enormous vehicle that are often seen at specialist car gatherings, US state fairs and other such events. The four piece, who hail from Canada have started rising to prominence outside of their homeland in the last few months, winning a Juno award and opening for the legendary Guns N'Roses along the way. Monster Truck have provided themselves with the best possible way of making a positive impression on music fans who are not currently aware of who they are. The weapon in their arsenal to do just that is their debut full length album Furiosity.

Album opener Old Train kicks things off in powerful fashion, underpinned by a traditional sounding southern rock bass line that sounds just as fun to play as it is to listen to. The Lion is dripping in all the qualities that make a great southern bluesy rock song - a fantastic vocal performance combined with guitar work and a drum beat that just ooze groove from each instrument. Other tracks such as Power Of The People, Boogie and Oh Lord are short punchy numbers that keep the momentum going and the quality stays largely consistent throughout. There's also a Tool-esque tone to some of the guitar work on occasion that may interest fans of theirs or those with leanings towards progressive rock & metal.

Vocalist Jon Harvey sounds like an authentic Chad Kroeger mixed with elements of Chris Robertson from Black Stone Cherry, and comes across with the confidence and assured tone of someone who has sung on dozens of albums. The musicianship across the band is of high quality with some interesting basslines (again from Jon Harvey) at different points throughout the album. The production from Eric Ratz (who has previously worked with Cancer Bats among many others) should also be rightfully praised. Every instrument can be heard in turn and not at the expense of or in detriment to the vocals. An all around high quality debut album. If they can keep this up expect big things from the band with the unlikely name.

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