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Today, the concept of a mini-album is somewhat a myth. We expect the usual EP, containing three to five tracks, with the arrival a time after of the full length studio album. Think again. Newcastle quintet My Extraordinary, and that they seem to be, have produced an alternative rock eight track wonderment filled to the brim with guitar wry and a defiant nature. The World We Live In, all be it on the surface may seem like your extra, ordinary alternative rock compilation; that it is not. Welcome to some gutsy rock goodness that’s not so much of a myth anymore. 

The World We Live In opens with its self-titled track in a self-assured manner. Speedy percussion and guitar riffs enter confidently, which are backed up with fearless vocals to provide a sound that is synonymous to the likes of You Me At Six and Young Guns at times. The track maintains a towering tempo and upbeat nature to guide you through into the rest of the album as ‘Bite The Bullet’ begins. It carries a strident melodic tone throughout as vocality begins to truly shine. There’s no sugar coating. My Extraordinary provide straightforward angst and aggression to the brim.

The five-piece aim to include as much assortment as possible with a sub-genre that’s well and truly catered for in today’s music scene, and they achieve it. ‘Sweeter’, whilst the lyrics become a tad repetitive on several occasions, is saved by its groovy and distorted musicality with a hint of, well actually a big dollop of, heightened pace. A melancholy ‘Mahogany’ succeeds as a enigmatic phone call acts as an introduction into a flourishing cadence. Its anthemic chorus cries out to be played in the big rooms to hear the timbre bounce off the walls. 

As the mini-album enters its closing stages through ‘What The Future Holds’, a seemingly fitting title, it creates the idealism of being a celebration, and that it is. Its no less than a fortified anthemic masterpiece and a sincere closer to what’s a prestigious move after an EP release. These guys are a force to be reckoned with. Whether you think they offer you something new, or something you’ve already heard else where, when a mini-album grasps the ear with this much delight, its worthy of attention.

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