No Sin Evades His Gaze - Age Of Sedation

In today's world of musical saturation, it can take something truly special to make the listener sit up and take notice, particularly from a previously unknown band. Breaking through the pack has become harder than ever, unless your band is called No Sin Evades His Gaze. This British five piece will be shortly unleashing their début album Age of Sedation upon the metal public of the world and quite frankly, the public are not ready for this. 
Utterly ferocious and brutal throughout but not at the exclusion of melodies, of which there are plenty, No Sin Evades His Gaze have created the most impressive début album by a UK metal band since progressive metallers Chapters effort The Imperial Skies landed last year. Their musical style is deeply rooted in the world of tech metal and djent, but with elements incorporated from all across the metal spectrum so that they are a band that can (and will) appeal to a much wider part of the metal listening world than the majority of djent bands. 
Stand out songs are numerous; The title track builds with its foreboding intro before slamming into you like an articulated lorry with its main riff and punishing vocals. Motionless In Obedience feels like the ultimate dream for anyone who loves both tech metal and Lamb of God, with djent tinged riffs flying all over the place and James Denton's vocal performance would have even Randy Blythe nodding in approval in a marriage of styles that feels effortless and will have you hitting the repeat button over and over. The Cycle Resets assaults the listeners audible senses from the off with some mesmeric guitar work that continues throughout the song backed by some thunderous drumming from Theo Harvey while the album closing Affinity features some off-beat time signature work SikTh would be proud of and some very nice sporadic clean vocals (another tool in No Sin Evades His Gaze's burgeoning arsenal) not to mention a spellbinding solo which helps to close out a truly fantastic album.  
Having already received praise in The Guardian national newspaper and with a slot on the bill at Bloodstock forthcoming, the odds of No Sin Evades His Gaze remaining unsigned for long are virtually nil. If the world isn't hearing a lot more about this band by this time next year something will have gone VERY wrong. A breathtaking début from a band who embody 21st Century metal perfectly. Prepare to have your heads blown off by Age Of Sedation. 
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