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Mancunian quintet One Last Run are ready for you to hear their debut album Unbreakable, a ten track hard rock effort from Becky Roberts and Co. They previously dropped an EP in 2014, but this is due to be their first full length effort and we've got it here to review.  


The opening track of an album really sets the scene and kicking off with the title track, One Last Run have done just that. The opening sounds like something you could expect from an Alter Bridge album and I'm certain this isn't the first, or last, time someone has drawn this conclusion. If you're a fan of hard rock it will be hard for you not to like this, the pacey riffs power through with Becky's vocals nicely supporting them. It does feel like her vocals may have been reined in slightly on the album, maybe something done in the mixing or mastering of the album, but I'm confident that live she will add some serious power.  


You can feel the power she coming through on certain tracks on the album though. Second track Casanova is a good example of this as well as Reckless. Both tracks feel more raw than the opener and that is definitely a good thing. Tell Me slows the album down with a more ballady style track. It shows a different side of the whole band and is a well written track, if not slightly unspectacular.  


All You Need To Know sets the second half of the album running with a strong opening riff and then descends into Alter Bridge mode. The riff falling away with the bass and drums ticking things over with Myles, sorry Becky, singing before the riff kicks back in is part of the signature AB track and it works perfectly here. There's nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other bands and they have done that here without it sounding like a carbon copy.  


Rise (Or Fall) puts itself forward as the track of the album. It feels bigger than other tracks and is a nice beginning of the end. Closing track Given Up has Mike Kingswood of Glamour Of The Kill fame guesting on it and slows things down to acoustic level. It closes the album off nicely and shows off the talent on show in a different manner.  


So what we have here isn't the reinvention of the wheel. It's just a talented bunch of musicians rolling the wheel along nicely at the beginning of a career with a lot of potential. They’re out on tour soon, get your tickets now!  


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