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I’d not heard of Press To Meco before, with the kind of feeling that I should have been in the know and supporting them from the moment they popped outta their mummies tummies. Alas, I’ve now got my party invite and loving every minute.

With Affinity, we have a 5 track EP that feels much longer than the 20 minute portrait that the band have produced. With some EPs you can be left feeling a little empty, Press to Meco have managed to present a well-rounded soundscape that leaves a great lasting impression.

On a track by track basis it’s obvious that Press To Meco are serious about their craft, each song has a distinct feel from the first phrasing, and while each track is different there is a musical blending that, as a band, you either have or don’t have. Lyrically, there appears to be (intentional or not) a pseudo spiritual undertone – purely down to what angle your listening from I guess.

The EP opener and title track ‘Affinity’ kicks straight off into a not unfamiliar grinding riff, sliding easily into the verse.  Don’t be fooled though this ain’t your run of the mill generic ‘core’, everything after the first verse is a progressive exploration of just how diverse one song can be.  Slipping gently from a ska-jazz fusion breakout to a syncopated grindfest. It’s hard to imagine many bands being able to layer this much into a single 3 and half minutes and still having what you can call music.

Following this is what you could deem as the EP’s ‘commercial tune’ – Wasting Time. There’s a faint overtone of the Rise To Remain sound, notably through the vocal harmony and range – it’s by no means a bad thing.

Track three, Tired Bones, starts and this is where the band are showing their stylistic diversity. Overall it’s a pretty straight track, but there is a definite switch in influence, be it artistic creativity or keen industry brainpower, Press To Meco demonstrate versatility in abundance.

Honestly (track four) is probably the most challenging to listen to, again fusing genres - this time in a more obvious way. By no means any less great, but if it’s the commerciality side of this kind of music you like, then you probably won’t like this so much. However if you’re liking music that makes you work a little – soak it up baby! Fans of ASIWYFA will understand the musical progression in ‘Honestly’.

Wrapping up the EP is a straight forward modern angst ballad – Love and Reason. This is one of the EP’s most audible moments and one of my favourites. Through all the complexity and experimentation of the previous four tracks, this one shouts “we can play straight.. cos we’re just that good!”.  The track does have a few surprises musically but I’ll leave that for you to hear.

I feel reassured after listening to Affinity, that there is life in the music industry still. That people are still out there doing something unique, with the ability to both tell a story and present it in a way that draws you in.

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Nik works in music PR, he wanted to be famous but genetics determined a managerial route instead. He put his energy into working out how to design stuff, build web stuff and string a decent series of words together. He is a big fan of original and unique sounding bands, loving a good melody and anthem - although he has been known to listen to 90s glam rock in private.