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Great Britain may be rife with a thriving hardcore scene but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great talents of the same genre from overseas. Raindance are a jigsaw puzzle and the pieces are former bands Have Heart, Outrage and The Miles Between. This puzzle was put together back in 2011 and glued together by Animal Style Records. Their latest release New Blood sees the American boys step their game up and spread their wings wider than a Chris Ashton swan dive.

This New England based band, combine a sludgy, gritty hardcore sound with a surprising blend of electronica. Album opener, Bottle Throated Kings, has a really sludgy Mastodon vibe that progresses into the more traditional sound that we know and love from the hardcore genre. The real difference maker in this band’s sound is the experimental inclusion of heavy base electronics at the end of Bottle Throated Kings. Bloodlust, features vocals recollective of Chino Moreno’s whimpering sounds that he’s become known for, which give the track quite a twisted feel on top of the crunching carnage that is the songs backbone. Vocalist, Sean O’Brien, is never too far away from a bone gargling, fear inspiring scream that sounds like he’s eaten a bowl of glass for breakfast. Raindance have an ability, that reminded me of Kvelertak, to chop and change through different tempos creating a captivating sound that leaves you questioning what’s coming next.

I’m pretty sure no fan of hardcore will be surprised when I say, New Blood isn’t an hour long epic, it’s a short 20 minute, six song, EP of gut churning riffs and attitude fuelled vocals. Raindance aren’t the most innovating or ground breaking band to tread water in the genre but they’re very good at what they do and from time to time surprise you with musical elements you wouldn’t expect from such a bruising hardcore band.


  • Bottle Throated
  • Black Lungs
  • Dine With The Devil
  • To Hell With Them
  • Bloodlust
  • Heaven Knows No Hollow Road

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