Sacred Mother Tongue - Out Of The Darkness

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It is the year 2013 and the UK rock & metal scene is awash with as much talent as it arguably has ever had. Therefore for a band to make their mark in the current environment is not necessarily very easy. It is also not a problem Sacred Mother Tongue have had, thanks to their newest release for Transcend Music & EMI, Out Of The Darkness.

When the band's previous release, the "A Light Shines" E.P was released in late 2012, anticipation for their next full length release grew considerably thanks to the strength of the material on the E.P. The three original songs from that E.P have all found their way onto the album and deservedly so, augmented by a further seven tracks.

As soon as the lead single from Out Of The Darkness, A Light Will Shine, was released, hopes were boosted even higher for the full length release. A Light Will Shine is one of the finest metal songs of any sub-genre to hit the airwaves in 2013, with fantastic riffs, an enormous chorus and a trademark Andy James solo. Fortunately for the band, their fans, and all of us in general, this is a level of quality maintained across the full album.

If there was an award for most quality riffs across an album in a given year, this album would be a strong contender. Andy James' riffs and guitar licks will induce reactions from nodding along to full blown headbanging depending on the song and the general musicianship is excellent throughout. Darrin South's range of vocals, having adapted style somewhat from the previous The Ruin Of Man are used to excellent effect, particularly on A Light Will Shine, the fast paced Evolve/Become and the menacing Seven.

Sacred Mother Tongue have all the tools to go far. Their sound will encourage a widespread fanbase, and in some ways they offer a meatier British counterpart to the likes of Alter Bridge, who straddle the fence between hard rock and metal from time-to-time. They also have their own guitar virtuoso in the shape of Andy James, who is more than capable of matching up against the likes of Mark Tremonti, Synester Gates or anyone else you'd think to compare him to. Sacred Mother Tongue are definitely a metal band, but an accessible one. Some people view the word accessible as a dirty word when it comes to metal, but this is far from the truth. Metal needs bands with widespread appeal, and Sacred Mother Tongue are destined to be one of them. It'll be very exciting to see where they go from here. Out Of The Darkness gives Sacred Mother Tongue a tremendous platform to build upon.

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