Sarin Smoke - Vent

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The second Sarin Smoke album, Vent, is the perfect album for anyone who is into their ambient metal (particularly if they like their ambient metal with more than a hint of drone and static to it). The work of duo Pete Swanson and Charalambides' Tom Carter, Vent sees them simply using two guitars and various pedals and effects on their guitars to produce a veritable sonic rainbow of sounds. Only six songs long but clocking in at almost forty five minutes long, Vent will slip seamlessly into any ambient metal collection. Like many of their contemporaries who use drone and static to good effort such as the legendary ISIS, this is likely to divide opinion on their sound. This album is not likely to convert any non lovers of drone based music and it is not genre defining but for those who enjoy such music it will preach to the converted with the closing track Atmen Aus particularly atmospheric.

(Editor's note - we'd highly recommend purchasing this album, as Sarin Smoke's Tom Carter was unfortunately diagnosed with severe pneumonia whilst on a European tour with his other band Charalambides. As a result, he's facing hefty medical bills and all proceeds from this album are going towards covering the costs of those medical bills. So, even if you're not usually a fan of this type of music, take a punt for a few pounds, you might be pleasantly surprised).

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