Sebastian Bach - ABachalypse Now

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Sebastian Bach has one of those surnames that lends itself to "witty" puns when used in album titles. Bring 'Em Bach Alive!, Bach2: Basics and now his newly released live release ABachalypse Now. 

Witty titles aside, there is now dooubt when you listen to Bach live you pretty much know what you are going to get. A solid kicking band and an Justified ego with a wicked set of pipes. Bach can sing 99% of the other rock scene of the stage. Even after 25 years his vocals are still raw and on top form. 
I saw Skid Row on their UK debut opening up for Bon Jovi at the Milton Keynes Bowl in 1999 and I was blown away that day by this unknown entity on stage and a quater of a century later his voice still send tingles down my spine. 
This release delivers two sets. There is a heck of a lot of crossover between the two sets, but the release gives enough variety to dip into your pocket for a great overview of where Bach is now. The first set is from a French show supporting Guns N Roses and the second a headline show in Los Angeles where he has members of Black Veiled Brides up on stage during the show.. most noticably during Youth Gone Wild.
Bach has never really compromised on giving a great show. He still gives 100% during each show just as he did in 1992 at Doninngton where the weather really did conspire against pretty much the whole Line up with the exception of The Almighty and Iron Maiden (first and last bands of the day). He fell on his ass a couple of times that day, but you could never say his performance would do the same.
This release is very Skid Row heavy with only 5 (American MetalHead is repeated twice so in reality it's only 4) of the 19 tracks being Solo tracks. Given a choice I would have preferred to have had one set that was Skid Row and One that was Bach solo stuff. When you drill down to an even more meta level, the Skid Row tracks are all taken from the first two albums (Skid Row and Slave To The Grind). I am sure Bach could safely include more of his solo stuff and not piss his audience off. It's not like he is going out and playing a whole album that no one will have heard.
All in all, this is a welcome release as it gives a great view of where Sebastian Bach is right now. His voice sounds just as great as it always did and his stage banter goes to show that after 25 years you can still have a ego and get away with it if you can justify the bragging.

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Paul always wanted to be a rock star but his fingers were to short to play guitar and he couldn't get his hands and feet quite coordinated enough to be a drummer. No one wanted to hear him sing so now he writes about things he only wishes he could do.