Skindred - Kill The Power

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It's a new year and we have a new Skindred album to go along with it, which is always a good thing. Following on from 2011's 'Union Black' Skindred have returned with what is surely the first great summer album of 2014 in 'Kill the Power'.

One thing Skindred most definitely are is consistent and reliable, which in no way is meant as a slight against the band at all, but with Skindred comes an inbuilt sense of quality, when you hear a Skindred song or buy a Skindred album you know you are going to have a good time with it, and that trend continues with their latest 'Kill the Power'.

The album opens with the lead single and title track which sets the tone off nicely, as it is everything we have come to expect from a Skindred anthem and stands nicely along with other tracks in their arsenal like 'Destroy the Dancefloor', 'Rat Race' and 'Warning' et al, and I imagine it will be a staple of their live set and especially the festival set over the summer hopefully, imagine how huge it will sound coming from the main stage of Download or Sonisphere?

The rest of the album seems to follow on some of the themes the band explored on 'Union Black' there are a lot of riffs, and songs designed to make the audience jump on here, and they blend well with the more reggae tinged material on the album as well. I admit that I love when the band gets deep into their reggae and dancehall influenced side, because for me that's what makes Skindred who they are. There are the metal elements, but the thing that makes them stand out and unique is the dub, reggae, dancehall influence in their sound, tracks like 'Ruling force' and 'Ninja' along with the title track will please the riff and anthem hounds, I can see these being the popular choices in the band's set, and the ones that people gravitate towards the most.

One of the stand out tracks for me personally is 'Playing with the Devil' because it stands out from the rest of the album and literally sounds like nothing else on the record. Yes, there is a lot going on this album, but there is nothing else like this to be found on here, its a great track full of dubstep breaks, pulsing electronics, and a great vocal hook from Frontman Benji Webbe. It’s something that is distinctly Skindred, but something that is so utterly unexpected from them at the same time, a great track that I really hope doesn't go overlooked when the album comes out.

For the Skindred faithful, this is everything you have come to expect from Skindred over the years, but with a few new tricks thrown in for good measure, meaning that this is an album that sounds familiar but not recycled or like something you have heard from them before, and for everyone else that has yet to catch up to the rest of the world, and are still resisting the charms of these loveable ragga punk scamps, then this may well be the album that changes your mind.


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