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Skindred are for my money possibly the best live band in the world, with one of the best front men in the game. They have more bangers to their name than a butcher moonlighting in a firework shop, but somehow they always manage to come up a little short with albums.They can write dancefloor mega anthems for days, but they have yet to deliver that truly brilliant knockout album we all know them to be capable of. I think its because over the years they have become so reliable live that we expect so much from them.
Volume, the bands latest album is business as usual it would seem, albeit with a more consistent edge this time. There are songs on here that will grab you, crawl into your ears and do the Newport helicopter around your brain. The title track, Shut ya mouth, No justice and the album's first single Under Attack are all prime examples of grade A 100% Skindred and shows that the bands adheres to a 'If it aint broke, don't fix it' mantra, which shows that even though they will make tweaks every now and then, they will always sound like Skindred, which is a very very good thing. My only real criticism with the album is the inclusion of 3 musical interludes which don't really do anything do for the album and drag down the flow and pacing a little bit, but outside of that, this is a classic sounding Skindred album full of songs custom built to destroy dancefloors all over the globe.
Summer may be over, but its not all doom and gloom as Volume is here to provide you with some sunny vibes and tracks to bounce your head to, that will keep you going on the long cold nights. Skindred have delivered an album that looks to elevate them to the next level.
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