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Skreamer is a name that you will begin to hear more often in venues across Europe – yes, Europe, the band are already playing shows across the continent. The fast rising Londoners have been selling out venues and smashing skulls for some time now with their blend of ferocious metal, heavy grooves and oodles of shred. You should hang your head for missing out on the fun. Finding a band that melds together multiple styles is too damn easy in the swollen London scene. The real challenge is to find a band that are doing it well. Well look no further ladies and gentleman... I give you Skreamer.

Their hotly anticipated debut album, 'Blackened Earth', has finally landed and is as awesome as we had hoped! The years spent crafting a skin-tight live show have paid off for this quartet, as they unleash a scorching blend of stomping grooves, widdly guitars and fist-in-the-air chorus'. The album kicks off with 'Victim' which is a snarling, full-bodied rager and introduces the band in spectacular style. Throat-shredding screams and an unrelenting double pedal assault dominate the track, which tails off nicely with a finger-flaying solo. They continue to show off their song-writing talents with an ode to the fans, 'Flesh and Blood', a true chant-a-long belter that encapsulates the spirit of the Skreamer Army. 'Straight to Hell' is exactly what it sounds like – a no holds barred bludgeoning that leaves you broken and begging for more. Although the band does draw heavily from their influences, like the suspiciously Slipknot sounding main riff from 'Opiate', the overall delivery is top notch making Skreamer, for me, stand out from the pack.

They wrap up the album with an epic one-two combo, starting with the Black Album worshipping 'Time', which proves that frontman Sam Morter can sing just as well as he deploys his visceral screams. Finally we are treated to the seven minute prog-tinged anthem, 'Blackened Earth'. The haunting intro morphs into a galloping, rampaging torrent of devilish shrieks, furious riffing and an attack of earth-shaking bass lines. Everything clicks with this track and it perfectly whets your appetite for the next album... oh, how I need to hear that now! The album drifts off with a mesmeric solo that you want to last for hours – amazing skill and dexterity! It is really that good, go and check it out now. Go on, I'll wait... Heard it now? Good, I'm glad you are all up to speed.

This is a phenomenal way to introduce yourself, not all bands can boast such a brilliant debut. This is four young musicians without any obvious weak link and they have all the ingredients to make up something special. Well-crafted songs, a great attitude, bags of talent and a superior live show surely means that Skreamer can reach for the top, I certainly believe they can make it. Don't let us down lads!

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