Steel Panther - All You Can Eat

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It’s been five years since Steel Panther dropped their debut album, 'Feel the Steel' on the world. In that time they have steadily started taking over the world, most noticeably the UK which could be classed as the bands home away from home. They have graced the hallowed grounds of Donington Park no less than four times, most recently last week at the 2014 Download Festival, they rocked UK Ozzfest, have done three extensive tours, released a DVD recorded on these shores and are now unleashing album number three on the masses.

There is a danger in being a band of Steel Panther's nature, a band that many see as a one trick pony, because people are always waiting for the bubble to burst or the joke to wear thin. However, after three albums, it can safely say that Steel Panther are really starting to hit their stride and come into their own as a band, but then again maybe I'm biased because Satchel is my dad, as well as being a bitchin' guitar player.

They always say the follow up to something has to be better than what came before, with films you always want your sequel to be better and bigger than the previous film. With an album, if you are a metal band, you want to make something heavier than the album before, but if you are Steel Panther you want everything to be more outrageous than the thing that came before it, and with 'All You Can Eat' Steel Panther have really pushed the boat out. Firstly you'll notice the album cover is a mock-up of the 'Last Supper' so right about you are going to piss off the religious contingent, which in my book is a win right off the bat. Then you have the songs themselves. Where else this year are you going to find songs called 'Bukkake Tears', 'Gangbang in the old folks home' and 'Fucked my heart in the ass'? Subtle they are not, but fun they most definitely are.

Yes, on paper they may appear juvenile, but Steel Panther know exactly who and what they are and they play it to a T, they are a straight up, fun loving, hard partying rock band that is bringing the 80's back. Quite frankly they may just be one of the best bands around right now, in a time when everyone is trying to make some kind of political statement, or fit into the latest trend, The Panther are delivering solid gold rock anthems by the ass load. That is why we, or at least I love them, because they can write massive sing-along anthems, but they also inject humour and good vibes throughout. I tell you this much if you could syphon the feeling you get from listening to a Steel Panther album you would probably stay high for a year.

But it’s not just the good vibes and funny things the band sings about, it is the genuine talent they also possess. They absolutely rip on their instruments and Michael Starr has the kind of voice Vince Neil wishes he still had. Make no mistake about it, if you write Steel Panther off as a novelty band then that is your mistake because they are anything but. They are one hell of a tight unit that writes killer riffs, and really deliver the songs that make the lyrics pop out the speakers even more.

Who knows how long they will be able to keep the party going, but with three solid albums under their belt and a growing reputation as one of the best live bands currently touring to their name, it seems like Steel Panther could go the distance and be a band that is partying literally until the end of the world and for that I salute them and you should too.

You can join the party with Steel Panther (with Skindred supporting) on their biggest UK tour so far in March 2015 – don’t miss it!

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