Suicide Silence - The End of The Beginning

There is a weird feeling that goes with losing someone famous. Usually it’s someone we don't know, that is in no way shape or form a part of our life on the ground level but still someone we connect with more than most people we see every day. Through art we connect and let people into our lives and we they are gone it can leave an unfillable void inside of us. In 2012 the music world lost one of its brightest emerging talents in the form of Mitch Lucker, front man for extreme metal band Suicide Silence. It was a death that sent shockwaves through the rock world, and left many things up in the air, one of these things of course was the future of his band mates and how this devastating event would affect them going forward.

It was decided at the time that after the dust had settled they would honour their fallen brother with a memorial concert. Singers were recruited from bands that Mitch was friends with or that he looked up to, and the money would go into a fund to support his wife and daughter, through ticket sales, as well as sales from a dvd/cd, released under the title The End Is The Beginning, that would be released to commemorate the occasion.

This is an emotional release to sit through and to listen to, seeing the band onstage not two months after the loss of their frontman performing the songs that would come to define his legacy with a revolving door of frontmen is a sobering feeling, but it’s also a momentous one as well. The choice of handpicked vocalists is a literal who's who of the current scene right now and each vocalist fits their chosen track well, with the odd exception (Austin Carlisle seems a bit out of his depth). It’s great to see different guys put a different spin on things, but it’s when we get down to the end of the set that things really start to get emotional when Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn comes out for a run through of Black Sabbath's classic 'Die Young'. I’ll admit I welled up and got a bit caught up in the moment when seeing that. When you then hear Mitch coming from the p.a talking to the audience and the band launches into their cover of Deftones' Engine No.9 and then he doesn't appear and you realise that he isn't there anymore, and it’s an empty feeling being able to hear him but not see him on the stage, quite frankly its heart-breaking.

The end is the beginning is a fitting tribute albeit an emotional one to one of the best young frontmen of his generation, a consummate performer, who lived hard, partied hard and was a larger than life personality. I only ever got to see Suicide Silence perform once and that was at the Download Festival in 2009 and it was one of my favourite performances of the weekend and one that truly made a fan out of me, and you could see that they were destined for bigger and better things in the future. The metal world has lost someone very special but his legacy will live on through his band and his music, and this memorial package is a beautiful way to honour his memory.

Suicide Silence have since started a new chapter in the band, joining forces with new singer Eddie Hermida, formerly of All Shall Perish. They've released a new album called You Can't Stop Me, which is also out now, and will be reviewed here at Scribes very soon. 

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