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You may not have heard of Superfecta yet and, even though they've been around now for a few years that isn’t a huge surprise. Like a lot of bands it has taken these guys a while to get their debut album out after getting an EP out in 2013. In fact despite being around since 2011, Superfecta waited until the end of 2014 to provide us with their debut album, Primal Instinct, but it is 100% worth the wait. There has been a lot made of the longevity of rock recently, but this album is a small piece of proof that there is a lot of mileage left yet. As always, there are points of comparison between a band and their predecessors, but there is always going to be now as we’ve had 50 years of rock and metal music, the trick is to do your own thing with it and Superfecta are doing just that here.

Primal Instinct opens with She’s A Star and is immediately accessible to all rock fans. Andrew Urwin’s vocals are the real stand out feature on this album and they start as they mean to go on here. The most impressive thing about She’s A Star, and the album as a whole, is how well it flows. It’s not uncommon for a band’s debut to have a disjointed feel to it, but there’s none of that here. Indeed the transition into the faster paced, but less riff fuelled, Emotional Miracle is effortless. Much like Urwin’s vocals, managing to be big and soft all at once. Inside takes it down a notch in terms of pace, but is a strong and emotive track that showcases the talent that all four members of the band have. Driven continues with the slightly darker feel of Inside and also gives Danun Todd his first chance to really show off midway through the track.  

The middle of the album takes you back to its fast pace opening, but also shows the diversity on show here. If for some reason you hadn’t been paying much attention up to now, Paradox grabs you and drags you in with its catchy vocals, bass and drums. Title track Primal Instinct throws some heavier, grungey riffs at you during its nine minutes. These two tracks combined are 15 minutes of the highest quality rock music to come out of 2014.

To Live Again brings some softer, acoustic driven calmness to the album. It’s a nice way to come out of a nine minute beast of a track and a small piece of respite before another big riff and a huge bassline are thrown at you in Fallen Angel. Just where a lot of albums start to tail off, Primal Instinct kicks on. Fading Light does start to close the album out, but it is still a strong track and feeds nicely into Pendulum. The last song on the album and containing some of the most intricate guitar work on show. The perfect way to close a fantastic debut album.

Primal Instinct brings something that is quite rare at the moment, an album that draws on inspiration from the past, but is consistently high quality throughout and doesn’t even slightly feel like it is recycled material. There is something here that all rock fans should be able to appreciate. Keep an eye out for Superfecta in 2015 and beyond, your ears deserve it. 


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