The Cory Smoot Experiment - When Worlds Collide

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Those unfamiliar with who Cory Smoot is may know him better by his stage name of Flattus Maximus, the guitarist from GWAR. Cory sadly passed away late in 2011 and When Worlds Collide was released posthumously with the dual purpose of being a final tribute to Cory, displaying his last work and also to raise some money for his family. The album has a slightly unfinished feel to it (unsurprising in the circumstances) but there is great guitar work from Cory across the album.

At times the songs feel a little unstructured (occasionally veering off into the realms of metal guitar doodles) and the vocals are slightly lacking but then anyone who over criticises this album is missing the point. It is a fine body of six string shredding released for a good cause. Another review of this album said that "anyone who pirated this album should be particularly ashamed of themselves". Scribes Of Metal would echo that sentiment by the bucketload. So if you enjoy good metal guitar playing, spend a few quid on this album and it will go a long way towards helping Cory's family.

Overall I would give this album a 5, but the guitar work an 8.

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