The Darkness - Hot Cakes

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Hot Cakes, The Darkness's comeback album and third studio album is definitely a fun album. It's an album full of upbeat rock songs that should put a smile on all but the most grumpy of rock and metal fans out there, and is likely to have mainstream appeal (though possibly not to the same extent that their smash hit debut Permission To Land managed). Comeback single and album opener Every Inch of You is hilarious and classic Darkness in the vein of "Get Your Hands Off My Woman". Nothin's Gonna Stop Us finds the wide ranging vocals of Justin Hawkins and the riffs of brother Dan in fine fettle and With A Woman is among the band's finest songs to date.

The highlights are not limited to the beginning of the album; Living Each Day Blind seems destined for a mass wave/sway along in large venues, while She's Just A Girl, Eddie is a tale of lost love told in true Darkness style. The band's cover of Radiohead's Street Spirit, which has been floating around the Internet for almost a decade is included, and re-recorded with better production and is a fantastic cover and one of the album's highlights. With Hot Cakes, The Darkness are definitely back with a bang. Give me a "D", give me an "arkness" indeed.

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