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The Dollyrots are a band who, in part thanks to their appearance on a couple of extensive UK tours with Bowling For Soup in recent years, really starting to make an impact on British Soil. The band, comprised of singer Kelly O, guitarist Luis Cabezas and drummer James Carman have recently released their fourth record, titled simply "The Dollyrots", on their own label Arrested Youth Records, so we thought we'd take a look to see if it kept their momentum going.

At their best, The Dollyrots are unashamedly infectious. Songs such as I Wanna Go, with its massive chorus, and Hyperactive are spiky, fun pop punk at its very best while Twist Me To The Left has some very clever and catchy lyrics which get you thinking while you're (most likely) singing along.  Not all the tracks can match the high standards set early on but F U Famous is a pointed two fingers at the lifestyles of the rich, Dollyrots style. Pretty On The Outside then turns fire on superficial girls in a spunky rant powered by some of the best arrangements on the album. The album also finishes with a bang with the high octane Starting Over Again kicking arse down to the last second of the album.

Kelly's voice is one that conveys enjoyment of the music that the band plays and as a whole you certainly label them alongside their good friends Bowling For Soup as "feel good" music. Luis's riffs are energetic and groove filled which further help add to the feel good factor and tick the boxes as far as quality pop punk is concerned.

The Dollyrots are definitely a dose of audible prozac for anyone who's a bad day. Their self titled album isn't a ground breaker, but what it is is damn good fun which should make a lot of people happy.

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