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If you're in the need of a British band that are heavy as fuck but still accessible then you've stumbled upon firstly the right review and secondly the right band. The King Is Blind are setting about making 2016 their year and are starting that with the release of their debut album - Our Father.


What can you expect from Our Father? Well for a start you can be safe in the knowledge that your eardrums will never be the same again. Genesis Refracted kicks off the 50 minute onslaught with such a complete sound it seems impossible that this is their debut. At just two minutes it serves as an aperitif to that which truly begins with Fragility Becomes Wrath. The booming vocals fit perfectly with the huge riffs and fast drums that entwine themselves together to form a sound so big it's bursting at the seams. If the atmosphere that is portrayed on record can be created live then TKIB shows will be a spectacle to behold.


Mors Somnis drags you down into the darkness even further and Bloodlet Ascension ensures you feel well and truly welcome. At this point you're a little over a quarter of the way into Our Father, but it has the effect of being all consuming whilst you're listening to it. It isn't the kind of record you can just sit and listen to, it's too big for that. Following Bloodlet Ascension, Mourning Light begins with a War Pigs style intro before lowering the tone even further with chilling screams and guitars that don't seem to know what they're doing. It creates an unsettling experience for the listener in the best possible way.


The final few tracks on the album take up a large portion of the album ...For All The Daemons Are Here sets the end in motion with more of a chuggy track than has been seen on Our Father. Rolling straight into Venin we are greeted with some of the harshest vocals on the album, mixed in with more Sabbath style, doom-laden riffs that just get drearier with each passing minute. Devoured is the penultimate track, not that you'd know it as the pace doesn't alter in the slightest. Highlighted most of all in this track is how important the bass has been throughout the album. For some reason it feels more in your face on Devoured and emphasises the depth of talent on show. Mesmeric Furnace closes out the album and clocking in just shy of 10 minutes it takes up a fair old chunk of the LP's running time and continues the good work.


After being announced for Download 2016 The King Is Blind have the opportunity to make a name for themselves and Our Father is the perfect marker to set them on their way. This is a name you'll be hearing a lot more of over the coming years.

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