The Pretty Reckless - Going To Hell

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If your album opens with the sound of a couple having sex in a car, ending in a woman climaxing, the chances are you going to turn a few heads and get some attention, the problem is, once you've got the attention can the rest of the album follow through?

Welcome to the world of The Pretty Reckless and the new album Going to Hell, and yes that is how they have opened said new album. It’s a bold move that no doubt people will jump on for being attention seeking, but isn't this what rock & roll is all about, sex and danger, and not giving a fuck. Taylor Momsen is clearly a woman with a vision, an idea of what she wants and how she sees rock & roll both in the musical and aesthetic sense, she knows how to get attention, but she also knows how to write a damn fine song as well.

Going to Hell comes four years after the band’s debut album, and in today's musical climate four years can be a lifetime, and there is a very real chance of you getting lost in  the shuffle. In this case the time has been kind to The Pretty Reckless, they have taken the time to really tighten their sound and craft an album that improves on their debut Light Me Up in every conceivable way. There are some things on here that are baiting, naturally but the controversy mainly comes from the visual side of the band and their front woman's aversion to clothing.

The best thing about The Pretty Reckless is their ability to write songs full of reckless abandon and angst, as well as the authority baiting nature they are known for, but they also know how to inject some of then softer moments on the album with genuine heartfelt emotion and melancholy. For a band that many people saw as a novelty act, it is impressive that they have manage to craft two albums of accessible rock songs that will appeal to a wide range of audiences, from old school rockers to new school ones. There is a different song for every type of mood or moment on here, and its album that will brighten up those summer nights and provide fist in the air sing-alongs come festival season.

Second guess The Pretty Reckless at your own peril, because given half a chance they will surprise you and you may even find yourself converted which is no bad thing, because they are the current band to beat in the rock arena.

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