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Not content with being lead guitarist in two of the biggest rock bands of the 21st Century so far in Creed and more recently Alter Bridge, Mark Tremonti had long talked of wanting to do a solo project with a slightly different musical direction to his other two bands. The result after years of speculation, preparation and recording is All I Was, a twelve track album released simply under the name "Tremonti".

Fans of Mark's two other bands will find much to like here, particularly the Alter Bridge fans. If one imagines Alter Bridge mixed with classic thrash it would give you a reasonable description of the sound of much of the album. The opening track on the album in particular "Leave It Alone" feels cut from the same cloth as many Alter Bridge songs, but that is not at all a bad thing. Mr Tremonti himself takes on lead vocal duties and has a deeper, more rugged voice than either Scott Stapp or Myles Kennedy and it is a vocal tone that is initially surprising but extremely listenable. The vocals throughout the album have power and passion and whilst not possessing anything like the range of Alter Bridge / Slash vocalist Kennedy, that is not a factor that matters.

Both Alter Bridge and Creed have some very memorable riffs but if you like more thrashed based, faster riffs, All I Was is on another planet in terms of memorable six string work. The rhythm section overall across the album is much harsher and more dominating than with Mark's other projects, particularly the drumming as full on double bass pedals are used in multiple occasions. This, combined with some extremely fast technical riffing, giving off the thrash feel talked about earlier in this review.

In terms of consistency the whole album has a feel of quality to it, losing a tiny bit of steam towards the end but not nearly to the same degree that most albums of recent years do. Stand out tracks would include the fantastic Wish You Well, a track where Mark's vocals carry the song alongside two or three very memorable galloping riffs and a solo so impressive you imagine steam coming from Tremonti's fingers as he performs it. So You're Afraid is a song that combines heavy instrumentation with a more melodic vocal performance from Mark all the while keeping up a fine pace while The Things I've Seen is a track in a slower vein but no less impressive. The one that tops the lot of them in this reviewers opinion is the seventh track, New Way Out, another song that could easily be an Alter Bridge track but fits Mark's solo style so very well with its tale of holding on and a solo that stays in the memory for a very, very long time. 

Overall, Mark and his band can be very proud of their efforts. All I Was is a fantastic debut solo album with huge repeat listen value and if he keeps this up Tremonti could soon be performing headline shows at the same venues where they will be supporting Slash & Myles in the UK this coming Autumn.

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