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Maybe it's the thought of independence being a reality, but where there has become a recent trend for rock acts to end their albums on a melodic, softer finale, Twin Atlantic decide to buck the trend and start with a rousing ballad. 3 minutes of a declaration that could speak as easily about long lost kin as it could a long lost love. With 'The Ones That I Love' you could be mistaken into believing Twin Atlantic have lost their edge and gone all soft, 'Heart and Soul' soon puts minds at rest with it's stomping kick drum bring the albums first party anthem to the fore.
'Hold On' & 'Brothers and Sisters' herald a positive message, like a rally call to a generation that could simply look at the state of life and think "F&*K THAT!". Musically the songs are tight and well produced but poignant lyricality is where these two tracks shine.
Carefully placed between these tracks is 'Fall Into The Party', which does exactly what it says on the tin, it's a rebel rousing stright up festival in itself and just begs to be played loud and proud, known for their energetic live experiences, this song is going to be a live favourite for sure!
'Oceans' is quite simply a beautiful expression of the hardship of not being with the one you love. Maybe it's the Scottish accent but I get thrown into a vision of Mel Gibson (ala Braveheart) being taken to his final moments with his only regret being the love of his life left behind. Steroetypical, but there ya go! Sure to be a radio hit and should pull the band a new audience of teenage girls (and therefore the boys too!) wanting to mature from some of the radio drivel out there.
Much like the previously mentioned 'Hold On', 'Be A Kid' appears to be speaking to the generation faced with a life that doesn't offer much in the way of breaks, I think a majority of over 25's have started using the phrase "when I was a kid" in reference to better times. For those wanting to delve a little deeper than just stating "it's a radio track", there's a subtext running through the album as a whole, whether that was the intention or not, who knows!
'I Am An Animal', 'Cell Mate' & 'Actions That Echo' take us on a different soundscape, kinda melodic-pop-punkesque, with each track having it's own flavour, 'Actions' being the rockiest of the trio bringing a full on riff experience and also carrying the Twin Atlantic trademarked dropped pre-chorus.
While I believe Twin Atlantic are at their best when they're pumping out at 11, the tracks 'Rest In Pieces' and 'Why Won't We Change' are possibly my favourites on Great Divide. Lyrically talking with a humanity that, while not being overtly statement-like, they do resonate on a level that speaks of real people, writing songs for real people. 
Overall, it's a brilliant album, they'll receive some criticism for taking a radio friendly approach but in a time when marketing budgets are tight - getting that airplay should finally accomplish the mission that Free in 2011 should have done. This is a band with so much potential to rock out arenas that I truly hope 'Great Divide' brings them closer to that reality.. I for one want to be at that arena sized party!
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