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Veil Of Maya are a band who prior to receiving this album I was not familiar with, so I had no idea of what to expect from their fourth album, entitled Eclipse. Released through Sumerian Records, Eclipse is Veil of Maya's first album for the label.

So what's it like? For those who haven't heard Veil of Maya before, they're an American tech metal band who's sound (at least on Eclipse) comprises elements of the Djent sound, as well as deathcore. There's also the odd swerve towards post metal territory on occasion, which we will come back to. The album opens with the song 20/200, a short sharp instrumental piece with pounding drums and a djent tinged riff which is a nice mood builder for what is to come.
The first half of the album is roughly what you might expect from the description of the band, a set of short(ish) songs with pummelling drums, some interesting time signatures, jagged riffs and some brutal vocals, but nothing that sets them apart from the crowd of other deathcore bands or the ever increasing hordes of Meshuggah imitators. 
The second half of the album however takes a definite upswing; The Glass Slide features nice riff work expanding out from the more standard djent influenced sound to something bordering on Isis or Cult of Luna style post metal, if only for a few seconds. Enter My Dreams returns to more traditional deathcore territory reminiscent of the likes of Job For A Cowboy in places but with considerably more melody in the guitar work than the average deathcore song. The highlight of the album for me was Eclipse an instrumental piece with a mix of post metal and heavy technical metal styles which was genuinely interesting and I think they'd benefit from exploring this side of their music more.
I'm not a deathcore or djent fan per say (particularly on the deathcore vocals), but this album offers a few glimpses of a band who I think could make themselves stand out from the crowd. Fans of either style of music are likely to love this album, and for those who aren't so keen there are a few interesting moments but then Veil Of Maya tend to return to safer territory. For the deathcore or Djent fan I'd consider this a must listen, for others it is worth a look. It will be very interesting to see if on their next album Veil of Maya follow the same path or vary down some of the other avenues hinted at on small sections of Eclipse.
For Fans Of: The Defiled, Chimp Spanner, Periphery, Born of Osiris, fans of Djent, Deathcore or Extreme Metal

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