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Much has been written and said about Danny Worsnop's departure from UK metallers Asking Alexandria. Now we find Danny and his new full time band We Are Harlot, previously something of a side project, launching their début album on no less than the legendary Roadrunner Records. Do the early indications seem like We Are Harlot could be another Roadrunner success story? 
For anyone not familiar with We Are Harlot and who might be expecting Asking Alexandria mark II, cast those thoughts away right now. There is barely a hint of metalcore in sight here (with only the occasional dose of harsh vocals as a nod to Danny's previous life in Asking Alexandria). What We Are Harlot are all about is feel good rock n'roll, marrying the past with elements of the likes of Slippery When Wet era Bon Jovi and Def Leppard in their pomp with a 2015 twist. The result is an album that feels familiar yet incredibly fresh, with an energy that envelops the listener from the first seconds of the opening track Dancing On Nails, never leaving until the closing notes of final song I Tried. 
The aforementioned opener Dancing On Nails sets the tone for the album brilliantly, with a memorable high octane riff giving way to Worsnop's slightly husky vocals before the huge chorus explodes out of the speakers. Songs like Dirty Little Thing with its breakneck pace and Someday with its atmospheric opening and a chorus begging to be sung by arenas and huge festival audiences continue the positive first impression. Moving through the album, Denial attempts to melt the listeners ears with a blistering solo and a brief effective use of Danny's metalcore vocals. One More Night's main riff is enough to incite a riot by itself and is another dose of brilliant 21st century rock n'roll while The One has an undeniable Southern rock, bordering on country, twang to the guitar work and features excellent rhythm section work and more enjoyable vocals from Danny. 
We Are Harlot's style fits Danny Worsnop like the comfiest of band t-shirts. A singer who has always exuded personality on stage, it now comes across on record like never before. There is also a sizeable contribution from former Seb Bach guitarist Jeff George, who provides the conveyor belt of notable riffs that hold the songs together and the fret pounding solos that top things off nicely. This is an extremely impressive début album and could be the start of very big things for them. The world needs more rock bands like We Are Harlot. 
We Are Harlot's début self-titled album is out now on Roadrunner Records.

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