We Are The In Crowd - Weird Kids

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For a long time Rock & Roll was always considered a boys club, but in recent years we have seen a lot of kick ass girls step up to the plate and raise the bar for acts to follow. With Paramore breaking down the pop punk door for the ladies and becoming a world conquering behemoth in the process, leaving the door wide open for a slew of other bands to step through and take a stab at glory.

One of those bands is We Are The In Crowd, who are currently carving out a name for themselves across the globe. Having shot to prominence with their debut album 'Best Intentions'  they arent ones to rest on their laurels and have returned with their sophomore album 'Weird Kids' and a whole batch of new anthems in waiting.

The best thing about We Are The In Crowd is their sense of fun and that they manage to perfectly balance with more personal musings in their songwriting. They may be writing from the heart but there is an energy to their songs that is completely infectious and will make sure there is a smile spread firmly across your face and a bounce in your step whenever you listen to them. First single 'Best thing (that never happened)' gives us the first taste of what to expect from the album and is a certified banger if ever there was one, a tune full of glorious pop hooks and irresistable charm. It's a snarky ode to a douchebag ex that has the right amount of zing to sting, but also the amount of zest and pep to be a pop classic.

On 'Weird Kids' We Are The In Crowd seem to be in a fun and fanciful mood, but that doesn't mean they don't take things seriously as well and there are some lyrics on the album that have a more grounded and touching approach, but nothing ever comes across as too heavy and things never get too bogged down in the emotional aspect of it. Basically this is a party, but as with every party there is one friend that drinks too much and cries in a corner, but quickly pulls themselves together and rages through the night.

If No Doubt are the kings and queen of female fronted pop punk, and Paramore are their rightful heirs this leaves room for We Are The In Crowd to sneak in the backdoor and propell themselves into the spotlight. On the evidence of 'Weird Kids' they have crafted a sun drenched hook fuelled pop punk classic that can rub shoulders with the best of them and should see them take their game to the next level.

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