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As you know, we here at Scribes of Metal like to champion new music and new bands as much as we can, so when we get the chance to bring you a review of a new band that just screams and shouts groove ridden blues and classic rock riffs we're all the happier to do so.

Western Sand are set of 4 young guys who are from the Hampshire area of the UK and have been together since the Winter of 2008 and have built up a tight sound on this 4 track self titled EP. They have a familiar yet distictive vibe that shows that they have half a foot in their roots but the rest of the body in the future and are willing to go full steam ahead into the future of where they are heading.

The guitars on all 4 four tracks are just cranked. I mentioned that they were a tight unit as a band but I don't think that you can really understand until you hear how, until you hear how the twin guitar attack of Tyler Hains and Jimmy Bradsaw gel together and just flow and mix so well. At this point it should be said that the production on this EP is great too. There is plenty of space for the band to play and there are very few tricks and studio fakery things that would detract from the overall enjoyment of this short but welcome set.

The rhythm section of the band are cohesive and have an obvious affinity for each other. Findlay Hotchkiss on Bass Guitar and Nathan J Kay on Drums underpin the band really well on all four tracks and set the tone for each and every track.

If I had to draw a comparison for this band I would probably put these guys as the British Black Stone Cherry. They are young and they have some way to go. I mentioned towards the top of this review there was something familiar about them, I can't quite place my finger on what it is, but it's definitely late 80's early 90's Hard Rock, but I think these guys really will come into their own and the Black Stone Cherry comparison, really will come good. They have that feel about them. I really hope that they stick around and really show the UK and (hopefully) the world what they are really made of.

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