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In a crowded genre packed music world, it would appear that new bands are recognising that you have to break out of what people expect to hear, and produce something "different".  Wicked Snakes have done just that with "Lead Me To The Sun", whilst not being going to be picked up and adored by the mainstream kiddos, this EP is a definite aural assault for anyone who wants to remove the label from their foreheads.

What we have with "Lead Me To The Sun" is a 6 track EP, which at first you could be mistaken into thinking fits firmly into the sludgy/dessert genre, but as you meander at whatever pace the band take you on - you are invited to delve into a multi-genre cavalcade of elements, a dangerous choice for any band, especially so if you're brand spanking new and wanting to make a lasting impression. It's not overly produced, which is great! Allowing the rawness to flow is one of the charms we find here.

WIth a hearty mix of angry screamology and blistering riffs, the overall sound can feel kind of oppressive at times. Musically, it's kept pretty simple. In contrast to the amount of bands around that create their music to display the technical prowess that has taken years to perfect, which is not a bad thing by any means, but Wicked Snakes are not (from this perspective) trying to compete in that arena. Like a beast sneaking up in the night, just as you think the sound is becoming a bit monotone, they throw in a 70's guitar lick or melodic refrain which should sound like a real fudgetastic mess.. but these guys somehow pull it off.

The standout tracks for me are the title track "Lead Me To The Sun", for it's variety and dare I say it "prog" nature. It's a journey. The other real showcase is the final track "Choirs", here we're treated to a definite "statement", with varying degrees of ferocity through the vocals, from "pointed spits" in the verses to full belt, almost breaking, screams. There is a vague recollection in the guitarwork that harks back to early Gwar days (no offence intended) and that is the only similarity I've found to the latex clad Eurobeasts.

I've now got the line repeating in my head "I am a pauper in a house of cards" (from the title track), it's that kind of EP, certain sections just stand out as brilliant.  A very welcome introduction to this new band, I just hope that there are enough ears ready for some genre drifting metal that will support them. This is the EP that shouldn't work, but does. Well done to another UK band that are going to make an impact.

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