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Not only does January see the birth of a new year, but also new music from emerging bands. Making the most of the fresh start are Years Young, two members of which use to be in alternative rock band Ameira. It is clear the band spent a lot of the last year planning, and now it’s time for action, starting with the launch of their EP ‘Hiraeth’, which is to be followed by some intense touring.

The EP infuses classic alternative rock with a pinch of pop punk. While the lyrics are deeply emotional and moving, the general feel of the instrumentation throughout the tracks is uplifting- The sort of songs you want to experience in a live situation, sharing your connections with the music to 43784 sweaty strangers.

The six track EP kicks off with ‘Miracles’ which was released as the bands debut single in August last year. What a way to leave their fans hanging. The song starts slow and steady, building up to a chorus that explodes into the song. You want to sing along to it despite not yet knowing the words, in the gap between the chorus and the second verse, you’re already slamming your hands on the table along with the drums and pretending you’re at Wembley. If you think that’s too extreme, you obviously haven’t given it a listen yet. All instruments combine with the vocals to make the bridge hang in the air, then drops it into a tight solo.

Track two, ‘finding my feet’ begins with a beautifully structured guitar riff. It’s not as fast paced as Miracles, but just as powerful. One thing I particularly like about this EP is that the vocals are so clear, every lyric is audible against the music, which makes tracks like this twice as pleasing to hear. Even the arrangement is neat, with each of the vocals fitting in perfectly between snappy riffs and rolling drum grooves.

‘The Sign’ is up next, the calm section at the beginning is deceiving, as the song expands into another enchanting riff. The instruments drop temporarily, to allow vocalist Luke to deliver his spine chilling lines, before diving straight back into a mighty chorus. Despite the sadness in the words, aided by the music behind them, the song is given an uplifting edge. The solo in this track is short and sweet, giving the last chorus one final punch before dissolving into the next track.

The band take it down a notch with the lyrically deep and balled style tracks ‘Paper Mountains’ and ‘electric’. One thing that is evident throughout the whole EP is the mind blowingly melodic guitar playing, which manages to be unique with each track and still convey the message behind each word. Electric is a brilliant showcase for just how much Years Young pull together to thread each layer of music, making every sound flow with ease.

Hiraeth wraps up with another single released in November last year, named ‘sleeping easy’. The track is well placed in the album, with its uplifting feel and strong chorus’s. It’s the finale on the six track masterpiece, the kind of song that is heavy enough to sing your lungs out too, and somehow light enough to dance around the room to.

Years Young are a band to watch in 2016, with their creative and catchy sound they’ll soon be grabbing the attention of ears everywhere. I’m excited to see where the year takes them, and I hope to catch them on their upcoming tour next month.

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