Ace Of Spades - Heaviest of Metals

It's officially official, Ace of Spades is the heaviest of metals on the planet!


Forgetting the lightweight (albeit original and groundbreaking) Motorhead epoch of Metal history, that sparked a million long haired society rejects to raise a pint glass to the world, we now can do away with the need for actual personalities in metal (we love Lemmy though!). 



Enter the new order of metal, putting the heavy back where it belongs.. we welcome... "Compressorhead", the automated pile of scrap that does what teenagers everywhere can only dream of.  With a drummer with more arms than an octopus's stag night, and a guitar that Vai would be proud to wield - the only thing truly reminiscent of the good old days of "human metal" is the bass player! Keeping that solid foundation throughout but with the personality of a teapot.

Compressorhead are Stickboy (drums), Fingers (guitar) & Bones (bass) & you can find out all about them at their website


[editors note: we love bass players too, and included the teapot reference purely for humerical value...]


Scribbled by:

Nik works in music PR, he wanted to be famous but genetics determined a managerial route instead. He put his energy into working out how to design stuff, build web stuff and string a decent series of words together. He is a big fan of original and unique sounding bands, loving a good melody and anthem - although he has been known to listen to 90s glam rock in private.