Living Dead Dolls

There's a big kid inside every one of us, and here at Scribes of Metal our inner kid yearns for the good old days when we cuddled up at night with a floppy one-eared poor excuse for a teddy.... almost.  We've grown into adults and our tastes have matured, no longer satisfied with the fluffy wuffy cuddle fests - we're now looking for that perfect appendage that says "hey I'm tired!" or "my sleep life rocks!".

Enter at this point Living Dead Dolls

As a US phenomenon it can be pretty tough to get the full benefit of owning a bedful of plushy zombie action, but let us point you to the places you can get some of our favourite Living Dead Dolls.



First up is our all time favourite creepy dude, the totally evil and totally disgusting BeetleJuice...

Even though you're looking at this and thinking "I wish I'd seen it before Xmas!", don't worry it'll make a fantastic alternative to an Easter egg or birthday present!

Beetlejuice available through





Next we showcase one of the more readily accessible and affordable Living Dead Dolls, it's now time for Posey  - the disturbingly normal looking plushy.

As normal as Posey looks, all Living Dead Dolls have eyes that bore into your soul and rip it out, and Posey's are particularly effective. You'll just love the way she stares unblinkingly as you're trying to drift off to sleep.. ever concious of her gaze.

Posey available through among other quality retailers :p




For our third pick, we've chosen the loveable Haemon - the vampire. Seemingly fresh from a feed, yes he has hygiene issues, yes he is stereo-typically classic vamp - but he's a great addition if you like you're meat rare.

Haemon available through




So if you're in the market for a small slice of tongue in cheek macabre cuddling, check out all the other Living Dead Dolls and remember - even toys should have an age limit (which these do by the way!).

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